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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Arrival of the Bike

Sitting here awaiting the bike. Finally, I ordered it and it will be here today (if UPS tracking is anywhere near accurate it has been in a van in my neighbirhood since 3:00 a.m.) Hurry up already.

It's not a fancy schmanzy bike like y'all in Triland have but it is a road bike, a motobecane called Gigi and just like this blog, it is pink - i just love it when tech equipment is rendered girly thanks to a coat of pink paint...I can hammer you in a bike race, on a pink bike...totally cool thought.

Hoping to get back to blogging in this new year but as I haven't gotten around to making resolutions yet, I'm not too sure.

Planning on getting all sorts of fit too!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Mighty Pen

Well last week went pretty well although I swapped out a gym session on Friday for a run on Saturday.

I ran 6 miles on Saturday. 6 miles under a clear blue sky, through fall foliage and a gusting wind and with a huge number of birds overhead taking advantage of the wind, catching thermals and making up miles on their migration. I watched a bald eagle fight off a crow as I ran. That was great.

This morning it was back to the gym again - I am working on upper body strength for this season and am really enjoying the free weights program that the trainer developed for me. Yes, I am a wimp compared to others in the free weights area but I don't care, I can definitely feel myself get stronger!

This week:
Monday: gym (done)
Tuesday: run
Wednesday: gym
Thursday: run
Friday: gym (maybe)
Saturday: run (hopefully)

Extenuating circumstances on Friday caused by arrival of important birthday and organization of attendant celebration on Saturday may impede progress towards goal - hence the caveats!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Back on track

So, I've been off exercise since the end of the tri season.
Work, a cold and then creeping laziness have all conspired to keep me sedentary.
But no more.
This week I get back into it.
Tomorrow morning, I will go to the gym.
Wednesday evening, I will go for a run.
Friday morning, I will return to the gym.
And, Saturday or Sunday I will take a bike ride.

Ok, I know it's not high mileage stuff but I have to ease back into it.
My energy seems to be sapped…I think I'm sleeping too much.
It's too darned cold in the morning to convince myself out of bed!

Here's hoping that posting will place me back on track.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Team Tri-On

Team Tri-on is the name we have given our women triathlon team. Yes, the double meaning is intentional! This team started with Deb, Chris, Lisa, Rachel and me last year doing the Danskin Tri for the first time. Deb did the Wisconsin one and we did the NJ one.

This year we had a team of nine women doing the Danskin Tri. This year we all met and did the NJ one and boy, was it great!

Since that first Tri last September, I have done two Olympic-distance Tri’s (one DNF) and this latest sprint tri, Chris has done an Olympic distance and Deb has rocked the house with another sprint and an Olympic. In fact, Deb ranked 65 out of 1280 in last weekend’s Sprint! Of ther others in Team Tri-on, I think Julia has another Tri under her belt but the others were all newbies to the sport.

So, thanks to team Tri-on 9 women have completed 20 triathlons between them….awesome!

I had the best time at the Danskin Tri last week. I was wiped out from a crazy week at work. I was at a bachelorette party on the Friday night before and had to attend a work affair at the other end of the state on the night before the event. So, when the alarm went off at 4:30 on Sunday morning, I was not ready to get going. But get going, I did.

We drove from Asbury Park, where we were staying in a hotel straight out of a David Lunch movie, to Sandy Hook, the site of Danskin NJ. We arrived as dawn was breaking and as we got out of our cars, we were swarmed with NJ tough mosquitoes…it was worse than any camping I have ever done and worse because I had forgotten bug juice or my ever trusty bug clothes! It was also worse as we couldn’t swat them away while holding my bike and tri box!

A nice man in the line to the transition area sprayed Chris and I with Off! May that man have a very nice life.

We milled, we moaned and we made merry! Soon it was time to start and the excellent Sally Edwards was there to see us off…man is she inspiring! As soon as wave eight got into the relatively cool water, I was happy and ready to go.

The swim was shorter than the mandated ½ mile because of coastguard regs, it was a lovely swim, no waves and over in about 15 minutes! The bike ride was on a flat out and back course, Lovely out but head wind back. And the run, well it was only 5k so it was over in a flash!

My total time of 1:30 is a PR…woohooo, I have a PR in sprint tri’s now!!!

Of course, I could have had a better time if I wasn’t so tired and had actually done as I had planned to do, work on my speed in the run up to the race! But there’s always a reason to beat myself up.
So, this is the end of my tri racing season and while it was tough at times, I must say that the journey of training and the destination of racing are equally important and worthwhile experiences.

From now until the end of the year, the goals are to loose some weight, build some strength and get some speed. I think I’ll stay out of the pool for a while though! And of course, I’ll be getting a go-faster bike sometime in the next few months too!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Mighty Pen

So. I've a big birthday coming up in November.
And. I've decided that the time has come and the occasion is appropriate to buy myself that go-faster, be "in with the in crowd" racing bike. If I can maintain 16mph on my old Gary Fisher Utopia Hybrid racing wannabe bike, I know I can kick ass on a bike that is actually made for racing.

So. Where on earth do I start? So, much out there. So much information. So many pretty bikes.

My budget is around $1,500 - my requests - a light bike, a fit that suits, a frame that corners well, components that are good but not hugely expensive to repair/replace and a neat color/pattern (yes, I'm a girl!)

So, if anyone out there is still reading my blog - and why would you? I've been so boring recently. Tell me how you chose your bike and what source of information was most valuable...please.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nova Scotia

Just back from bike touring in Nova Scotia. BH and I cycled between 40 and 60 miles a day for one week along the south shore of Nove Scotia carrying our clothes, our tent, our sleeping bags and etc.

If you've ever thought about bike touring, do it. It's a work out and a holiday at the same time. Because I tour on the bike I race on, going from a bike with 30 pounds of gear on it to a bike with no gear whatsoever is a really cool training technique! Although I haven't run since the oly tri and haven't swm since then either I feel pretty good but am now facing a 4 week training period for the nest tri, the Danskin Sprint Tri in Sandy Hook, NJ in September.

I know I can improve my running time and my cycling time on last year's Tri but I'm still worried about my swim time on last year!

More later.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Swimming one mile


Cycling 40K


running 10K


Completing your first Olympic Triathlon...timeless!!!